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Findmall AVR EA05A Automatic Voltage Regulator Controller-avr EA05A

Findmall AVR EA05A Automatic Voltage Regulator Controller-avr EA05A

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Sensing Inpuuut
Voltage 220 / 380 / 440 VAC, 1 phase2 wire
DIP switch selectable
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz, DIP switch selectable
Power Input
Voltage 100 ~ 300 VAC, 1 phase 2 wire
Voltage Max. 90 VDC @ 240 VAC input
Current Continuous 5A
Intermittent 7A for 10 sec
Resistance Min. 15 ohm Max. 100 ohm
Voltage Regulation
< ± 0.5% ( with 4% engine governing )
Voltage Build-up
Residual voltage at AVR terminal > 5 VAC
Thermal Drift
0.03% per °C change in AVR ambient
External Volts Adjustmen
± 7% with 1K ohm 1 watt trimmer
EMI Suppression
Internal electromagnetic interference filtering
Unit Power Dissipation
Max. 8 watt
Under Frequency Protection (Factory Setting)
60 Hz system presets knee point at 55 Hz
50 Hz system presets knee point at 45 Hz
Soft Start Ramp Time
3 sec.
101mm L * 69mm W * 47.5mm H
183g ± 2%
When generator supply is over load, N phase will be different with the sharing load by 3 phases (load imbalance). Hence, the voltage from N phase to 3 phases (R.S.T.) will be altered. When the rated voltage of the traditional single input’s AVR is above 220V, it will increase the voltage drift rate by using N phase as the detective input. It will also cause the voltage imbalance.
EA05A can improve the above situation, and increase the generator’s rated voltage usage space,such as 380V, 440V. We can all detect by the “phase voltage”.
1. When the rated phase voltage of the generator is 220VAC, the input terminals B, C and sensing terminals A, C can join together (as show as figure3. It’s the original setting).or connect independent.(as show as figure2).
2. When the rated phase voltage of the generator is 380V, 440V, the input terminals B, C and sensing terminals A, C must separate connect the wiring (as show as Figure 4 or figure 5). The voltage between B and C must not be over 300 VAC.
3. F+ F- terminals connect to the generator field. (J and K) FEXT.VR is the potentiometer (1KΩ 1W). These two terminals must be by-pass when external potentiometer is needless.
P.S. : A, B, C, F+ F- the usage of wire gauge are AWG16 or 1.25 mm2 85。
C above 600V.
The EXT.VR connection wires must be made of isolated wiring.
The voltage setting for 220V/380V/440V and the
frequency setting for 50/60HZ is show in figure7.
Please check the voltage/frequency selector setting
is correct before start the generator.



1. Before you turn on the generator, please turn the
voltage adjustment and stability adjustment full anti-clockwise. After the generator is on and run stably, turn the voltage adjustment clockwise to reach the required out voltage. (If there is an external potentiometer, turn the external potentiometer to the middle position before adjust internal voltage potentiometer.)
2. Adjust “Stability Adjustment” clockwise slowly to
change the feedback time between AVR and the generator. If the adjustment is too big, it might cause the voltage instable. If too small, the load voltage will change too much at heavy load. Our suggestion is to trace by the multi-meter DCV. To adjust “stability adjustment”, you
just need to make the multi-meter waving smaller. It can also improve the full load’s voltage drift rate.
When the regulator is operated with the generator for
the first time, the polarity of residual magnetism may be reversed or too small to achieve the necessary build-up voltage for the regulator. If reversing the field connections does not induce build-up, and the residual voltage is less than the specified value of 5 Vac, shut down the Prime-mover and proceed with the following steps :
1. With the Prime-mover at rest and the regulator’s
field output wires disconnected, apply a DC source ( NOT grounded ) of not more than 3~12 Vdc with Positive to F+ and Negative to F-, in series with a current-limiting resistor of 3~5 ohms 20 watt. (The set battery is a suitable source.)
2. Allow approximately 3 seconds before removing
the DC source.
3. With the voltage regulator disconnected ( wires 3 and 4 ), start the prime mover and measure the “ residual ” voltage available at the auxiliary winding. If this voltage is greater than 5 Vac, reconnect voltage regulator, and voltage build-up should be successful. If less than 5 Vac is measured, repeat field flashing procedure.
4. If repeating steps a. and b. does not result in
generator voltage build-up, and residual is greater than 5 Vac, replace voltage regulator.


Package Including:
1 x Automatic Voltage Regulator Controller AVR EA05A Genset Parts
1 x product Instructions

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